Truck <strong>tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong> T598
Truck tire changer T598
FOB PriceUSD 3600.0-3800.0/UnitMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief DescriptionSEMI-AUTOMATIC universal truck tyre changer T598Semi-Automatic universal truck tyre changer T598 for industrial,agricultural and earthmoving wheels
Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> :GT990(With Swinging Arm)
Automatic Tire Changer :GT990(With Swinging Arm)
FOB PriceUSD 950.0-1000.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationCE,ISO 9001
Brief DescriptionAutomatic tire changer,the column's tilting and locking processes achieved by the pneumatic control.
Full Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> GT666
Full Automatic Tire Changer GT666
Minimum Order6CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief DescriptionFull Automatic Tire Changer Model:GT666*Locking device*Pole is tiltable*Self-centering device
Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> GT888
Automatic Tire Changer GT888
FOB PriceUSD 1100.0-1200.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief DescriptionGT888 full automatic tire changer can operate the latest tires and wheel rim, especially for the assembly and dismantle of flat tires
GT555 Semi-automatic <strong>tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong>
GT555 Semi-automatic tire changer
FOB PriceUSD 550.0-600.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief DescriptionGT555 automatic tyre changer for mounting / demounting and inflation of car. Suit for 11'-23' wheels.
<strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> GT111
Tire Changer GT111
FOB PriceUSD 650.0-700.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief Description1.Semi-automatic tire changer,suitable for 11.5"-23"2.Wide and low-profile tyres3.With helping arm
Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong>
Automatic Tire Changer
FOB PriceUSD 1000.0-1100.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationCE,ISO9001
Brief DescriptionAutomatic Tire Changer with right pneumatic assist arm,easy to dismount stiff,low profile and large size car wheels.
Full Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> GT990A
Full Automatic Tire Changer GT990A
FOB PriceUSD 1200.0-1350.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationCE,ISO9001
Brief DescriptionAutomatic Tire Changer with right pneumatic assist arm,easy to dismount stiff,low profile and large size car wheels
JOLLYA <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> with simple operations
JOLLYA Tire Changer with simple operations
Minimum Order5CertificationCE,ISO9001
Brief DescriptionSimple Tire changer: 1) Swing arm and semi-automatic 2) Manually operated mounting/demounting tool 3) Plastic front cove
<strong>Tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong>
Tire changer
FOB PriceUSD 450.0-500.0/SetMinimum Order5CertificationCE,ISO9001
Brief DescriptionManufacture Semi-automatic tire changer Model:502:1)Self-centering function.2)Pneumatic bead breaker3)Slider seater
Car Semi-automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> :GT860
Car Semi-automatic Tire Changer :GT860
FOB PriceUSD 550.0-650.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief DescriptionSemi-automatic tire change,suitable for 12"-24"stiff,wide and low profile tires.
(semi-automatic) <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> :112
(semi-automatic) Tire Changer :112
FOB PriceUSD 500.0-550.0/SetMinimum Order5CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief Description1)High quality 2)Competitive price 3)Advance technology 4)Genuine manufacturer
Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> :GT920
Automatic Tire Changer :GT920
Minimum Order6CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief DescriptionAutomatic Tire Changer :GT9201) Brand-new design and fully-automatic2) Capable of handing 10"-22" stiff, wide and low profil
Full- Automatic <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong>
Full- Automatic Tire Changer
FOB PriceUSD 1450.0-1550.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief DescriptionAutomatic Tire Changer with pneumatic assist arm,suitable for dismounting stiff,low profile and large size wheels.
Car <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong> GT-228
Car Tire changer GT-228
FOB PriceUSD 1400.0-1450.0/CartonMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief DescriptionThe combined GT228 is brand-new, Full-automatic Tire changer, capable handing 12-26.5stiff, wide And low-profile tires.
T568 Semi-Automatic Truck <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong>
T568 Semi-Automatic Truck Tire Changer
FOB PriceUSD 2400.0-2500.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO9001,CE
Brief DescriptionSemi-Auyomatic truck tyre changer t568 universal · Self-Centering chuck rim capacity 14"-26"· Clochwise and anticlockwise rotation of chuck
Truck <strong>tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong>
Truck tire changer
FOB PriceUSD 6500.0-6800.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationCE
Brief DescriptionThis type of large tire changer is designed for tires with 14 to 60 inches rim diameter of trucks,passenger cars,tractors and engineering vehicles.
Truck <strong>tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong> T980
Truck tire changer T980
FOB PriceUSD 4800.0-5000.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief DescriptionT980 Truck tire changer has been specifically designed to mount and demount truck,bus,tractors and earthmoving vehicles tyres
Motorcycle <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> :112C
Motorcycle Tire Changer :112C
FOB PriceUSD 450.0-500.0/CartonMinimum Order1
Brief DescriptionSpecially designed thestructure of the bead breaker blade,easy to operate,thicken the bead breaker rubber pad to assure demounting the motorcycle tyre
Truck <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong> T698
Truck Tire Changer T698
FOB PriceUSD 3800.0-4000.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationISO 9001,CE
Brief Description1.Electrohydraulic operation 2special for truck,bus and passenger car wheel 3.CE&ISO9001 4.UNITE brand;proprietary technol
T568-2 Truck <strong>Tire</strong> <strong>Changer</strong>
T568-2 Truck Tire Changer
FOB PriceUSD 2700.0-2800.0/SetMinimum Order1
Brief DescriptionDouble speed for rotation motor· Import hydraulic pump· Alu protection kit as standard accessory· Small floor area
T588 Truck <strong>tire</strong> <strong>changer</strong>
T588 Truck tire changer
FOB PriceUSD 2000.0-2200.0/SetMinimum Order1CertificationCE
Brief DescriptionHydraulic motor system tyre operation much more powerful;Automatic hydraulic mounting arm finds precise angle;

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